Autumn Agora in Cagliari – AEGEEs General Assembly

The Agora is the most important meeting within AEGEE, it is our member’s General Assembly. Just to get the picture, an Agora is like a general  shareholders meeting in a big company, a meeting where all shareholders have a look at the state of the company, suggest new ways and choose new  representatives to administrate it.

The aim of the Agora, just as the example mentioned above, is to ratify (approve) the work we are all doing as an organisation, the work of those who  administrate it directly (the Comité Directeur, or CD), change whatever we don’t like and suggest new ideas to be applied in the future.

We hold two Agorae a year – one in spring and another one in autumn.

The next Agora will take place from 29th October to 2nd November in the beautiful city Cagliari in Sardinia, Italy. AEGEE Karlsruhe will send 3 delegates plus some visitors to the Agora, who will represent Karlsruhe. Delegates are allowed to vote and speak during all different sessions of the Agora.