Travel Summer University – 3 Kingdoms – A romantic / cultural tour through Germany



This year AEGEE Karlsruhe organized in cooperation with AEGEE München and AEGEE Berlin a Travel Summer University. As a result of it’s great success, the online magazine Golden Times interviewed the main organizer Veronika Senitkova from AEGEE München:

GT: How many participants and how many organisers did you have?
Veronika Senitkova, Vice-president of AEGEE-München, TSU main organizer: We had 29 amazing participants, 8 organizers and about 15 helpers.

GT: How successful was the topic of the SU and the SU as such?
Veronika: In our Summer University we tried to show how beautiful Germany is, bring closer to its colorful history and present the differences between German states by visiting a lot of wonderful places. The SU was a total success, also thanks to great parties, sleepless nights and a lot of “hot stuff”…

GT: What were the three greatest highlights of the SU?
Veronika: There was a big highlight at each antenna. At first AEGEE-Karlsruhe organized a great and very interesting trip to Strasbourg with a visit of the European Parliament and a beer-tasting workshop. AEGEE-München showed the participants the most visited German sight, Neuschwanstein Castle, situated in the beautiful nature of the Bavarian mountains in the south of Germany – and AEGEE-Berlin organized a visit to the Reichstag, the German Parliament, and one of the biggest German palaces, Sanssouci Palace and Park, close to Berlin.

GT: How well did the cooperation between the organisers in the different cities work?
Veronika: The cooperation was great. All organizers from all three antennae helped to each other out when little problems occured. We all did our best and tried to make the TSU for our participants unforgettable.

Source: Golden Times