Autumn Agora in Cagliari – AEGEEs General Assembly The Agora is the most important meeting within AEGEE, it is our member’s General Assembly. Just to get the picture, an Agora is like a general  shareholders meeting in a big company, a meeting where all shareholders have a look at the state of the company, suggest new ways and choose new  representatives to administrate it. The aim of… Read more →

Travel Summer University – 3 Kingdoms – A romantic / cultural tour through Germany

  This year AEGEE Karlsruhe organized in cooperation with AEGEE München and AEGEE Berlin a Travel Summer University. As a result of it’s great success, the online magazine Golden Times interviewed the main organizer Veronika Senitkova from AEGEE München: GT: How many participants and how many organisers did you have? Veronika Senitkova, Vice-president of AEGEE-München, TSU main organizer: We had… Read more →